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Girl’s Bedroom Decor On A Budget

bedroom decor on a budgetDecorating A Girl’s Bedroom On A Budget

The idea of a bedroom makeover can be a daunting prospect at the best of times. It’s a lot of work, a lot of hassle and a lot of time.

If you’re on a budget, then it’s even worse. It’s a lot of money as well – right?

In fact, if you go about it the right way, you can complete your bedroom makeover in the space of an afternoon – and it doesn’t need to cost a great deal of money at all. You can do it just like one of those “makeover experts” you see on TV!

Of course, to some extent it will depend upon what your starting point is. However, if you have decent flooring and the walls are in good shape, you should be able to complete your makeover quickly and at low cost.

If the walls aren’t great then just paint them with a nice, bright pastel shade. It will take a little longer, maybe a day or so, and it will cost a little more – but you should get a large pot of paint for just a few dollars.

Anyway, assuming reasonable decor on walls and floors, here’s a suggested plan of attack for a quick, easy budget bedroom makeover.

  1. Start by changing the bedding.
  2. Put up matching drapes.
  3. Decorate the walls with posters or decals.
  4. Decorate the floor.
  5. Add some finishing touches.

As always with this type of project, you can spend as much or as little as you like – but I would estimate that as little as $150 and an afternoon’s work could produce a major transformation in many rooms. If your budget is higher, then that’s great too.

disney princess beddingBedding

Because the bed is such a focal point in any bedroom, you can quickly establish a new theme simply by changing the bedding. It’s easy to do – takes about fifteen minutes – and you can find very nice girl’s bedding starting at under $30.


The window will draw your eye in any room. In a bedroom, it will be the second most important focal point after the bed itself.

Just by putting up a set of curtains that match the new bedding, you will be well on your way to a room makeover.

Obviously you should be able to find curtains which exactly match the bedding these days – but if you can’t, or if you just don’t want anĀ exact match, just pick ones that have the same general cover. you’ll probably find them cheaper and they won’t go “out of date” if the theme changes.

tree wall decalDecorating The Walls

If you want to paint the walls then that’s great. A large pot of paint won’t cost too much- and you should be able to finish it in a day. choose a nice, bright, pastel shade and it will last for years.

However, if the walls are in good condition and you already have something to work with, you could just put up a few posters to create a bit of a theme. It works surprisingly well.

What’s even better these days are wall decals and wall stickers. you can put these up in a matter of minutes – and they really look great. you’ll establish a theme for your bedroom in no time flat.

Both decals and stickers are easy to use – and they can be repositioned if you don’t like the effect. thanks to modern printing technology, and the use of modern materials and adhesives, these can create a stunning effect in any bedroom – and they don’t need to cost much either.


pink rug for girls roomDressing The Floor

Hopefully you won’t need to change the floor covering. If it is absolutely necessary, then a hard floor covering, tiles, laminate, whatever, will look good, be easy to clean and last for years.

Assuming that you have something to work with, a couple of rugs can work wonders and, as well as looking very nice, they can hide worn patches in existing carpets. Double whammy!

Once again, you can find plenty of themed rugs these days – but a plain rug in a sympathetic color can also work wonders. It might also be cheaper – and it might survive the next Disney release or hot new boy band.


monster high bedside lampThe Finishing Touches

You could pretty well call it a day right there. If you have the bed, the window, the walls and the floor taken care of, you should have a very nice themed bedroom all of a sudden.

However, a few finishing touches might be in order. You can add as many or as few (none if you like) as you want. And don’t forget, you don’t need to add these all at once. You can add a piece at a time if you prefer.

Some items to think about might be bedside lamps, alarm clocks, light switch covers, power outlet covers, scatter cushions – the list goes on (and on).

Once again, you can go with the themed option – or choose a plain, but sympathetically colored alternative. It’s entirely up to you.


Hopefully that’s given you a few ideas about how you can decorate any young girl’s room on a budget. you can spend a lot of money if you like – but you should be able to get a nicely themed bedroom for less than $200, and in the space of a morning or afternoon.

In fact, if you perform a quick “makeover”, you can surprise her. Imagine the look on her face when she first sees her new bedroom!


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