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Who Was The First Disney Princess?

The First Disney Princess

the first disney princess snow whiteIn 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ released its first full length feature film; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. At the time, it was a bold move by the company, being the first full length animated feature film ever.

However, it was a gamble that paid off and the movie was a huge commercial success. During its initial release (it has been re-released several times now), it briefly became the highest grossing sound film at that time.

Snow White, the central character, soon became a firm favorite with both adults and children everywhere. She even went on to become the first female fictional character to have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Today, 8 decades later, Snow White is instantly recognizable and remains a key feature in any Disney parade. In 2013, Disney was even awarded a trademark for the name “Snow White” – that’s how important she is to the company.

Here’s a quick reminder of the magic of Snow White:

Was Persephone Really The First Disney Princess?

Just recently, there have been some who suggest that Snow White wasn’t the first Disney princess – awarding that honor to Persephone, who took the starring role in “The Goddess of Spring” – a Silly Symphony also released in 1937.

It’s an interesting theory, and if you look at the cartoon you can certainly see some similarities between Persephone and Snow White. The way that the birds flutter about and crown her with flowers, to name but one.

However, Persephone was a goddess rather than a princess, so she doesn’t really make it as the first Disney Princess. Which is probably why Snow White gets her own float in any Disney parade and Persephone is nowhere to be seen.

Other Disney Princesses

Here’s a list of the various Disney princesses, in chronological order:

  1. Snow White – 1937
  2. Cinderella – 1950
  3. Aurora – 1959
  4. Ariel – 1989
  5. Belle – 1991
  6. Jasmine – 1992
  7. Pocahontas – 1995
  8. Mulan – 1998
  9. Tiana – 2009
  10. Rapunzel – 2010
  11. Merida – 2013
  12. Elsa and Anna – 2013

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