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Disney Princess Bedroom Ideas

disney princess bedroomBedroom Ideas For Disney Princesses

What little girl doesn’t love Disney princesses? There are so many of them to choose from that there’s bound to be one that your own little princess loves best of all.

So a Disney Princess themed bedroom is something that would be sure to put a smile on your daughter’s face. If you can do a quick makeover without her knowing it (yes – that is very possible), then it will be a wonderful surprise for her. Watch the expression on her face when she sees her new look room for the first time!

The thing is, it doesn’t need to take too long or cost too much money. Obviously if you want to spend a lot of money you can, but you can still create a great themed child’s bedroom for a very reasonable amount of money – and in a fairly short timespan.

Where To Start Your Bedroom Makeover?

Assuming that the floors and walls are in reasonable condition, you should start with the bed. It will be the focal point of most children’s bedrooms after all. Choose a set of bed linen that is decorated with your daughter’s favorite Disney Princess, possibly with a few of her friends and companions as well.

A nice themed comforter, with matching pillow cases and sheet is the ideal way to start off any themed bedroom. Here’s just a few examples – don’t they look cute?

disney princess curtainsCurtains Fit For a Princess

If you want, you can add a suitably matched pair of curtains, with tie-backs – because princesses like tie-backs. The window will be the second most dominant focal point in most bedrooms – and it’s one which naturally draws the eye.

If your princess is prone to changing her mind, or you think that she may have new heroines soon, you can always just choose curtains that aren’t themed. Just choose a plain pair of curtains, maybe with a few frills for decorative effect, in the same pastel shade as the themed bedding background.

Those will look great and will allow you a bit of flexibility during the next bedroom makeover.

Disney Princess Wall Decalsdisney princess wall decals

Once you have the bed and the window covered, you’re more than half way there.

The rest is really just finishing touches. There’s no need to redecorate plain walls – not if they are in an acceptable condition and color at least. Add a few pictures and posters which match the main princess theme.

One thing that is unbelievably helpful to the home decorator these days is the wall decal. Modern printing techniques mean that attractive large images can be printed on clear or colored vinyl and then simply stuck onto a plain wall. They go up in a matter of minutes and they are really easy to apply.

Don’t worry about making a mistake – you can just unpeel them and then stick them on again. Likewise, if you change your mind about the position of a wall decal, it’s simplicity itself to remove it and then reposition it somewhere end. These decals won’t mark your wall or leave any sticky gunk behind them.

They really are a foolproof way to transform the look of a room in a matter of minutes – and you can get a huge variety of different designs and colors these days. The larger ones can really be quite spectacular (and imagine how much more striking they are when you’re three feet tall) – and smaller ones can be used in groups to create a wonderful themed effect.

disney princess rugAdd a Few Finishing Touches

With the walls, the window and the bed taken care of, the rest is really just finishing touches. You could stop there if you want – but a few accessories might just add the perfect finishing touch.

A bedside lamp, a rug or two, maybe some cushions or a throw. You could even add these piece by piece later if you want. Here are a few suggestions of the type of accessories you might find useful to set the theme:

Obviously those are no more than a few suggestions. When it comes to suitable accessories, you really are spoiled for choice. You’ll know what type of things your own princess likes best.

disney princess toy boxQuick Princess Bedroom Makeover?

Hopefully that should give you an idea of some of the items which you can use to transform a young girl’s room into a Disney Princess themed bedroom.

Of course, you can replace floor coverings and redecorate the walls if you like. You can even change the furniture if you wish. However, simply by doing a makeover on the key areas, you really can totally change the look and feel of a bedroom quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Here’s a minimalist check list and budget:

  1. Bedding: $40 – $50 – 15 minutes to change bedding
  2. Curtains: $30 – $50 – 30 minutes to change curtains
  3. Wall decoration: $30 – $60 – 2 hours to position wall decorations
  4. Accessories: $30 – $80 – 30 minutes to position various accessories

In theory, you could get a very effective Disney Princess bedroom makeover starting for as little as $130 – and it could be completed in the space of a morning or afternoon.

Clearly you can spend a lot more – both time and money – but a quick, cost effective makeover is definitely possible. You could even do it while your daughter is at school, visiting a friend or otherwise engaged for a few hours. Imagine the look on her face when she sees her new Disney Princess themed bedroom for the first time!


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