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Bedroom Ideas For girls

the princess sleeps hereGirl’s Bedroom Decoration

Decorating a young girl’s bedroom can make a huge difference to the ambiance of the room. You can transform it into a fairytale castle or an enchanted grotto – and you can do this fairly easily, it doesn’t need to be a huge project that consumes huge amounts of time, energy and money.

By focusing on a few key areas, and adding the correct accessories, you can make a big difference in the look and feel of your daughter’s bedroom relatively quickly. A little forethought will also make it much easier to change things around when it’s time to change the decoration again (maybe when the next Disney movie comes out, or when a new pop idol hits the scene).

Here are a few tips and suggestions for you.

girls mermaid beddingThe Bed

It’s called a bedroom for a reason. The main item of furniture, and the most eye catching one, will probably be the bed. Simply by changing the bed linen used, you can alter the look of a room in a matter of minutes.

These days, you can find all sorts of themed and coordinated bedding. These bedding sets don’t cost a great deal, can be “installed” very quickly – and, just as importantly, are easy to remove and replace when your daughter enters the next phase of her development.

Here are a few examples of themed bedding sets:

Obviously, if your little princess has a favorite cartoon character, then that’s a great choice for her bedding. And if she can’t make up her mind just which one is her very favorite, that’s not a big problem. She can have Dora The Explorer this week, Disney’s Little Mermaid next week and Hello Kitty the week after that.

You can find almost all of the major characters on bedding these days – and if you choose similar color schemes, you can swap from one to another at will.

With older girls, cartoon characters may be less in vogue – but a nice plain pastel bed set will always look good, and even teenagers like floral patterns (though they may not necessarily admit it).

The key thing is that the bed is the main item of furniture in most bedrooms – and you can quickly change the look of the room just by changing the bedding.

pink girls bedroom curtainsCurtains

After the bed itself, the window will be one of the main focal points in any bedroom. Once again, you can quickly change the look of the room simply by changing the curtains.

Obviously, if you have a particular themed set of bed linen, you might want to choose matching curtains. That alone will set the theme of the room.

On the other hand, if you do find yourself changing from Princess Ariel to Hello Kitty and then to Minnie Mouse on the bed, you might not want to change the curtains every time you change the bed. Choosing bed linen which has different themes but the same base color will allow you to choose a suitable set of curtains that will go with all the different bed coverings.

Here are some examples of both themed and plain curtains which would be suitable for a young girl’s bedroom:

disney wall decals girls bedroomWalls

You can find plenty of themed wallpaper to conform to the needs of your little princess, but you might be better just keeping the walls plain and decorating them with appropriately themed items. Changing wallpaper is a major undertaking, and it’s time consuming, costly and, more often than not, a bit messy.

Go for a plain pastel wall – pink is popular, but pale yellow, lavender and other pastel shades work well too. Add prints, poster and other items to set the theme. these can be removed and replaced as and when required.

One thing that’s very useful these days is the wall decal. These are great, inexpensive and easy to apply. Don’t be intimidated by the size of them, they are very easy to put up – and if you make a mistake, or if you just change your mind, it’s easy to peel it off and reposition it.

Modern printing technology means that you can get some absolutely stunning wall decals – and in very large sizes too if you want. they won’t leave any sticky residue or marks on your wall when you remove them – although if they have been exposed to strong sunlight, you may find that the wall beneath them is a little darker than other areas, especially if the decal has been in place for a long time.

Here are some suggestions for suitable poster, prints and decals for a young girl’s room:

Rug for girls roomThe Floor

Much like the walls, keeping things simple at floor level is probably a good idea. Hard floor coverings are great for any kid’s room – hard wearing and easy to clean. Failing that, a good quality plain carpet in a color that is sympathetic to the decor of the room is a good alternative.

Again, and as with the walls, you can echo the theme of the room using small rugs. Place these in the heavy traffic areas – which is also where they are most likely to be seen and appreciated.

You can get plenty of inexpensive themed rugs that will match up with the decor in any young girl’s room these days. Here are a few examples:

disney frozen bedside lampAccessories

With the bed, the windows and the walls taken care of, you can really add to the tone of the room with some simple and inexpensive accessories. A themed bedside lamp, a throw, a few cushions – these can be all that’s needed to finish off the room theme and to create the ambiance that you, and more importantly, your daughter, are try to achieve.

What you choose will vary from one room to another and from one child to another, but there’s no need to go mad. It really is just a case of a few well placed items. think of them as the finishing touches if you wish.



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